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Who's it for?

From a simple website to a product catalogue to an extensive knowledge system, our CMS can create anything. It can be used, therefore, by governments, enterprises of all sizes, retail stores, small scale companies, educational institutes and so on.

What is CMS

SepiaCMS is a content management system that provides the functions of being a multi site, multilingual and hosted platform, with all features and utilities in a single platform. It generates more than a marketing website: it provides a platform with an immense number of modules for portal management. It gives you flexibility and centralizes control over your website and you can manage unlimited number of domains in one place. It allows you to enforce your online brand policy effectively.

Complete Design Flexibility

Design your website and set up it's layout through our simple and easy to use, yet efficient and modern drag-and-drop layout tools.

  • Design your site to your liking.
  • Simple tools, no coding or technical knowledge required.
  • Choose from different template styles.

Intuitive User Interface

Due to the extensively difficult work they do, content management systems tend to be “complex” in themselves. SepiaCMS offers freedom from such complexity by providing its users with a user friendly and easy to use interface.

  • Get tasks done quick and easy.
  • Work freely with the no-coding text editor, adding text, multimedia and other content.
  • Step-by-step wizards and confirmation messages help make the user experience even better.

Explore the features of SepiaCMS by experiencing the demo!

Request for demo Video Tour

Effortless Content Editing

Publish and view your content as you edit it through our simple editing system. Edit the content, publish it and check the site for update.

  • Prompt content editing with revision management.
  • Check the update immediately.
  • No technical knowledge required to use the simple text editor.
Digital Assets Management

Digital Assets Management

SepiaCMS lets you manage your digital assets as efficiently as you manage your folders in your PC. Separate modules for each media type – Document, Image, Audio and Video, helps keep them more managed.

  • Easy file uploading system.
  • Create and manage photo albums, audio and video galleries, document briefcase – all in one place.
  • No hassle of separate uploading systems – freedom from FTP, and similar applications.
  • Connect better with your viewers by letting them download these media about you and your products.
Social Media Visibility

Social Media Visibility

Create your social identity through our facility of social integration tool. The integration with the social sites enables you to connect better with your users.

  • Gather more viewers.
  • Make an online community and gain more customers.
  • Connect to more people in different ways and lead them to your site as well.

Gain terrific insight by seeing sepiaCMS in action. The full featured demo will demonstrate the powerful features and capabilities of our CMS and how you can create next-generation web experiences.

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